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Energy Optimalization on Tramway Network

Penulis: Danny Tandela, PhD (cand.), Kategori: Pendidikan
Energy Optimalization on Tramway Network
ISBN: 978-602-371-315-8
Terbit: September 2016
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Urbanization and growing population always concerns on economic, health, environmental, education and transportation issues. These topics are key role in sustainable development. Transportation as one of the key stone in sustainable development attracts many researchers to find the best way to reduce the energy consumption.
There are two lines directions serving the Tours agglomeration:
1.      Lycee Vaucanson – Lycee Jean Monnet
2.      Lycee Jean Monnet – Lycee Vaucanson
The tramway line has 14,982 m in length and serves the Tours agglomeration with more than 14.5 millions of passengers in 2014 alone. Filbleu serves the commuter with the ticket and smart card, the commuters has to validate the single way ticket or smart card once they get into the tram. The controller will do the ticket checking randomly at any station.
The problem faced in the subway system is the operational cost that cause by the energy consumption need to be reduce. The reducing of energy consumption also leads to the “green transportation” and stakeholders (major of the city) could use the budget for the transportation to another field like education, rural area development, etc.
This research is started from evaluating the effectiveness and efficiency. Effectiveness in engineering terms means “do the right things” that related to the service quality. Efficiency in engineering terms means “do the things right” that related to the energy consumption. The typical inter-station run out, a train accelerates from a station to maximum speed and maintains the train speed as much as possible until it is necessary to brake to a halt for the next station. Usually, the running time is the shortest and the energy consumption is the highest as the train is running close to the maximum permissible speed throughout the trip. The traction motors are allowed to turn off once the train accelerates above a certain speed if coasting is allowed. With the application of coasting, the momentum of the train carries it through and the brake is still needed to bring the train to stop at the next station. Inter-station run time is longer but the energy saving can be achieved because the train spends less time on motoring.  The researcher is then building the algorithm using the MatLab with a Toaster system developed by Prof. Mindjid to carry out the algorithm.

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