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The Secrets of Achieving Success with Acceleration

Penulis: Feri Sulianta, Kategori: Motivasi dan Pengembangan Diri
The Secrets of Achieving Success with Acceleration
ISBN: 978-602-371-351-6
Terbit: Desember 2016
Halaman : 158, BW : 156, Warna : 2
Harga: Rp. 41.100,00
"A set of magical streaks that will realize success when it meets the desire."
Even in the direst situation, you will be able to rise up and begin to achieve what you want.
You will be able to crawl from the darkest and most difficult area in your life.
The difficulty you are experiencing will turn over 'at this moment' because the 'miracle' has started to work in yourself with acceleration.

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