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Basic Airline Management

Penulis: Arista Atmadjati, Kategori: Modul Ajar
Basic Airline Management
ISBN: 978-602-9079-86-9
Terbit: Mei 2011
Halaman : 217, BW : 217, Warna : 0
Harga: Rp. 44.800,00
Aviation knowledge related to the application on job-field is less distributed through books of reference. In the other hand, available theories piled up on books is too far left behind while the world of aviation and its technology is rapidly improving in practice. By presenting this kind of book to public, many youngsters who would like to learn more about world of aviation especially in Ground Handling, will be very much facilitated.
Mr. Arista has been dedicating himself for years to improve education and training in Ground Handling both in his responsibility with Garuda Airlines as well as book composing to be used as references and source to those who has interest in world of aviation. We’re gratefully welcoming Mr. Arista’s newly launched book which is exceptionally looked forward to. We’re confident that with this book, the world of aviation education will be more colourful and the effort on preparing and training expertise in this field will grow better.
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