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Trust Management for Business in Virtual Environment

Penulis: Olivia Fachrunnisa, Kategori: Modul Ajar
Trust Management for Business in Virtual Environment
ISBN: 978-602-371-124-6
Terbit: Oktober 2015
Halaman : 146, BW : 146, Warna : 0
Harga: Rp. 52.000,00
     The shifting of economic activities from the physical environment to the digital environment has been acknowledged as bringing many benefits. Some specific advantages of conducting business in virtual environments include an increase in productivity, adaptability, flexibility, agility and strategic competitiveness in providing and delivering product/service. This type of business provides many advantages over traditional methods of business, including the ability to bridge time and space, and offer better utilization of distributed resources without physical relocation. Interaction in virtual environments is characterized by anonymity, uncertainty, lack of familiarity, lack of face-to-face meeting, etc. Trust is one of the fundamental factors that drive the success and failure of virtual business relationships. This is because trust functions like the glue that holds and links agents together in virtual environments as they operate remotely from each other. A successful relationship depends on the strength of the trust and commitment of the trusting agent and the trusted agent to deliver service according to the terms of a mutual agreement. The establishment of an adequate level of trust in any interaction in virtual environments is neither simple nor quick, but is a lengthy and ongoing process. Therefore, once a sufficient level of trust has been established, it is a challenging effort to maintain it so that the relationship can be sustained. This book provides several ways to maintain trust level for business in virtual environment.
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