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English for Hotel: A Practical Guide

Penulis: Moh. Syahrun Ibrahim, S.Pd., M.Ed. (Lead. & Mmgt), Kategori: Pendidikan
English for Hotel:  A Practical Guide
ISBN: 978-602-225-629-8
Terbit: Maret 2013
Halaman : 81, BW : 81, Warna : 0
Harga: Rp. 40.500,00
This book provides many practical guides in terms of theories and practices that will improve the readers’ knowledge in relation to the use of English for hotels. Having read this book, the readers will enable themselves to use English correctly either in spoken or written language through self-study throughout their future careers. The readers are able to develop their English communicative skills which are covered in useful and related topics and interesting activities, such as :
a. Checking in covers greeting guest, asking related information, using numbers and dates.
b. Reservation explores more about handle reservation on the phone, in person and in writing.
c. Hotel services discuss about showing the guests their rooms, telling time, and give information about hotel service and facilities.
d. Handle orders practicing handle orders for room service, request for amenities, wake up calls, restaurant reservations, transportation arrangements, messages, and complaints.
e. Giving information dealing with places, directions and any other general information for guests or tourist.
f. And many more interesting and enjoyable topics to make confident in using English for hotel services.
Having this book is your precious investment in maintaining good careers now and in the future in which English is used as a medium of communication in serving guests or customers in the field of hotel and tourism.

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