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Umbrella: A Day with Jasmine and Kay

Penulis: Margie Baadilla Soemakno, Kategori: Bacaan Anak
Umbrella: A Day with Jasmine and Kay
ISBN: 978-602-371-331-8
Terbit: November 2016
Halaman : 28, BW : 0, Warna : 49
Harga: Rp. 147.500,00

Every day Jasmine and Kay have a new adventure. Today, Jasmine wants to play outside even though it is raining. She decides to put on her green boots and use her umbrella, but OH-NO........ What will happen? “A Day with Jasmine and Kay” book series are suitable for all ages. The stories tell tales about two best friends and their teacher Miss Selly. From the story “Umbrella” children can learn about the days of the week and different colours

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